FYI: superlinear speedups in GROMACS (fwd)

Dominic Wu dwu at
Fri Mar 8 14:57:52 PST 2002

Honestly, I was more referring to the P4's with the 512K core.
Nevertheless, I had not intended to incite such a strong remark.

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> Sure, and I do believe there are commodity chips with larger L2 caches,

they suck.
you're referring to Intel Xeon CPUs with 1 or 2M cache;
next time you're looking at the specs on them, take a look
at their clock frequencies, and especially the speed of
their external interface.  as I recall, they sit on a PC100
bus, which is about 3 generations obsolete.  ie, .45 GB/s
versus 2-3 GB/s for current systems.

their suckiness extends to their ridiculous price, as well,
which to me means they can't be considered "commodity".

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