Tyan Tiger ... and some other mb stuff

Donald B. Kinghorn kinghorn at pqs-chem.com
Thu Mar 7 08:56:47 PST 2002

... Just to clarify ... they were 1800 XP's and replacing them with 1800MP's 
made all the problems go away ... These were the first release of the Tyan 
2460's  which gave us serious memory problems too ( there's a thread on that 
issue a few months back)  as usual "Your Milage May Vary" ... when we run 
our test calculations we push cpu, network, and hard drive systems very hard 
for several days, if there is a weakness in the system design we usually find 
it ...

By the way we just tried 16 of the new ASUS dual athlon boards. They work 
great when they work ... unfortunately 7 of the 16 failed for various reasons 
within 1 week of usage ... we sent them all back and have the Tyan 2466's 
coming today. ... the saga continues  :-)

I have had one problem with the Tyan 2466. I put in 4 512MB "Smart" reg. ecc 
pc2100 modules and the machine was unstable (usually wouldn't even boot) It 
worked great with 3 of the 512 modules and 1 256MB crucial module. But please 
note that these 512MB modules are not approved by Tyan. The chips were 
Samsung but not the ones on the Tyan approved modules so I'm optimistic that 
with the correct memory on the board there wont be any problems. (?)  [These 
modules work fine with the ASUS board and they aren't approved by ASUS either]

Has anyone run the Tyan 2466 with 4 512MB modules stable? If so, I'd be 
curious about  what modules you used.

Best regards to all

> ...
> We we're sent (by mistake) 16 Tyan 2460 motherboards with XP's instead of
> MP's  ... they all installed and booted OK but under load I couldn't get
> any 4 board subset of them to complete any of our test suites without at
> least one locking up ... after much anguish and, after replacing all 32
> cpu's with MP's everything was fine ...
> So my recommendation is DON'T DO IT!   :-)
> -Don

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