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Have you tried the promise SX6000?  It is a six channel IDE raid card that
is capable of doing raid 5 and requires one drive per channel.  It will run
up to 128MB of SDRAM.  I have used one and they run about $300.  I have to
admit it was under Win2000, but it might work under your OS.  Seemed pretty
quick.  Any one else have experience?

Kevin Wood
GSHiis, Inc.
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hi ya

i havent tried 3ware... but  are there other 4-port or 8-port
IDE controllers ??
( just plain old ide... like the promise/maxtors ultra/100 series )

( not 4 drives on 2 ide cables...but 4 (master) drives on 4 ide cables )

btw... has anybody tried the ide to scsi hot-swap adaptors ??

alvin ... sw & hw raid stuff..

On Fri, 1 Mar 2002, Bill Broadley wrote:

> On Thu, Feb 28, 2002 at 11:50:04PM +0100, ml at wrote:
> > On Thu, Feb 28, 2002 at 04:07:25PM -0500, Robert G. Brown wrote:
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> > Hello,
> >
> > belong to your problems with the IDE-Raidsystem i can remark, that we
> > very good experiences with the hostbased controllers from 3ware
> > They have controllers with up to eight channels and our benchmarks show
> > results between 50-60 MB/s at Raid-Level 5 (with 8* 120 GB Maxtor, 5.400
> > rpm). That should be the right controller for your purposes -> 3ware
Escalade 7850B
> Another data point.  I was very optimistic about eide raid, my previous
> linux software raid server had uptimes over 400 days, so I built the raid
> system out of the best components I could find.  Intel STL2 motherboard,
> ECC memory, redundant power supply, rack mount case with good airflow,
> 8 ibm eide drives, and the top of the line 3ware, the 6800.
> I downloaded the 3ware drivers, installed the redhat-7.2 (maybe it was
> 7.1), looked good although dissappointingly slow (8 drives much slower
> then a single drive).  Lost a filesystem (unfsck'able), called 3ware,
> they said oh, redhat-7.2 isn't supported, use 7.1.  We did, and lost
> another filesystem.  We called back, oh a new driver should be available
> next month.  We waited, upgrade the 3ware bios, updated the driver, and
> lost another filesystem, tech said, well *laugh* yeah they do that quite
> a bit, use raid 1.  Then they commented that the 6800 wasn't designed
> for raid 5 and shouldn't have be advertised that way, but 3ware rushed
> it out despite the poor fit for the hardware because of the competition.
> Purchasing the new top of the line card was recommended.  At which point
> I removed the card, recycled the drives into desktop and went scsi,
> which has been perfect since.
> I posted to various mailing lists my experience, and got quite a few
> responses saying that they had the same problem, and had ditched 3ware.
> I seem to recall seeing a press release or similar saying 3ware was
> getting out of the eide raid controller business, but I'm guessing
> that either wasn't true or they changed their mind.
> Buyer beware.
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