external raid arrays

Chris Black cblack at EraGen.com
Thu Feb 21 08:53:43 PST 2002

We are looking for an external RAID solution that will provide at LEAST 
100MB/s read bandwidth, probably under RAID 10 (0+1). So far I have been 
disappointed with performance for external raid arrays that we have 
looked into, and I haven't found a good site with actual benchmarks 
for external raid arrays. So I'm using the list :)
I know some of you probably have some experience in high performance 
external raid solutions so I'm asking for tips, suggestions, links, etc.
I don't care if it is an Ultra160 connect or fibre channel, but I have 
no experience with fibre channel and don't know about compatible cards 
with linux.
Our budget isn't quite in the EMC range, but I still figure there is 
something out there that someone on this list might know about.
All replies appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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