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CLUSTER 2002: CALL FOR PAPERS!! (papers due: April 12, 2002)

                             CLUSTER 2002
      IEEE Fourth International Conference on Cluster Computing

                        September 23-26, 2002

                    Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza
                             Chicago, IL

COTS cluster computing (including Beowulfs, SMPs, MPPs, terascale
systems, and metacomputing Grids) has emerged as a major strategy for
delivering high performance to technical and commercial
applications. The superior cost effectiveness and flexibility achieved
through clusters is now redefining how parallel and distributed
computing is being accomplished today.

Cluster 2002 will provide a forum for researchers to share recent
results and new developments in hardware, software, and
applications. The conference will be held in Chicago on September
23-26, 2002.

Cluster 2002 is sponsored by the IEEE Task Force on Cluster Computing
and organized by Argonne National Laboratory and the National Center
for Supercomputing Applications.

                           CALL FOR PAPERS


Please check the Web site for periodic updates, and further
information about conference Tutorials and Exhibits.

   April 12, 2002 -- Paper Submission.

Please check the Web site  http://www-unix.mcs.anl.gov/cluster2002/
for submission procedures.   

Topics of Interest

    - Making Clusters Easier to Use 
        Single-System Image Services 
        Software Environments and Tools for Clusters 
        Standard Software for Clusters 
        I/O Libraries, File Systems, and Distributed RAID 
    - Interprocessor Communication 
        High-Speed System Interconnects 
        Lightweight Communication Protocols 
        Fast Message Passing Libraries 
    - Managing Clusters 
        Cluster Security and Reliability 
        Tools for Managing Clusters 
        Cluster Job and Resource Management 
        High-Availability Cluster Solutions 
        Novel Cluster Systems Architectures 
    - Applications 
        Scientific and E-Commerce Apps 
        Data Distribution and Load Balancing 
        Innovative Cluster Applications 
        Performance and Benchmarking 
        Massively Parallel Processing 
    - Clusters and Grids 
        Clusters of Clusters and Grids 
        Software Tools for Metacomputing 
        Network-based Distributed Computing 
        Mobile Agents and Java for Clusters 
        Middleware, Groupware, and Infoware 
        Collaborative Work in Clusters

                        TUTORIALS AND EXHIBITS

Program details are currently being arranged. If you would like to be
notified when this information is available, please send e-mail to
Gail Pieper <pieper at mcs.anl.gov>. In the subject line, please indicate
cluster2002 and the information you desire (e.g., cluster2002 -
program, or cluster2002 - agenda).

  May 10, 2002 -- Tutorials/Exhibitions Proposals 

Tutorials and Exhibits:

Proposals are solicited for half-day tutorials and industrial exhibits
related to cluster computing.

Submit proposals for tutorials to Al Geist, <gst at ornl.gov>.
Submit proposals for exhibits to Ivan Judson <judson at mcs.anl.gov>.

                       CONFERENCE ORGANIZATION

  General Co-Chairs: 
     Dan Reed (NCSA at UIUC) <reed at cs.uiuc.edu>, and
     Mark Baker (University of Portsmouth) <Mark.Baker at computer.org>

  Vice Co-Chairs: 
     Rick Stevens (ANL) <stevens at mcs.anl.gov>
     Daniel S. Katz (NASA JPL) <Daniel.S.Katz at jpl.nasa.gov>

  Technical Program Chair: 
     Bill Gropp (ANL) <gropp at mcs.anl.gov>

  Deputy Program Chair: 
     Rob Pennington (NCSA) <robp at ncsa.uiuc.edu>

  Finance Chair: 
     Danny Powell (NCSA) <danny at ncsa.uiuc.edu>

  Tutorial Chair 
     Al Geist (ORNL) <gst at ornl.gov>

  Publication Co-Chairs: 
     Maxine Brown (University of Illinois at Chicago) <maxine at uic.edu>
     Rajkumar Buyya (Monash University, Australia)
<rajkumar at csse.monash.edu.au>

  Exhibition Chair: 
     Ivan Judson (ANL) <judson at mcs.anl.gov>

  Publicity Chair: 
     David A. Bader (University of New Mexico) <dbader at eece.unm.edu>

  Posters Chair: 
     Ricky Kendall (Ames Lab) <rickyk at ameslab.gov>

                       REGISTRATION INFORMATION

The Cluster 2002 conference will be held at the 

  Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza 
  350 North Orleans Street 
  Chicago, IL 60654 

  July 31, 2002 -- Advance registration ends 5:00 pm central time; 

Registration details are still being arranged. If you would like to be
notified when this information is available, please send e-mail to
Gail Pieper <pieper at mcs.anl.gov>. In the subject line, please indicate
cluster2002 and the information you desire (e.g., cluster2002 -
registration, or cluster2002 - agenda).

April 12, 2002   Paper Submissions
May 10, 2002     Tutorials/Exhibitions Proposals 
July 31, 2002    Advance Registration Ends

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Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
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