Recent AMD760MPX chipset PCI measurements??

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> And something I like a lot about the MPX design is that the AGP bus is

> bridged from the 64/66 PCI, and the bridged is implemented on both
> it's possible to send/recv to/from the memory on a AGP video card.
> cool parallel rendering and video transfert can be done...

Nice point. Do you know if it's also true on the AMD-760 MP Chipset ?
We have built here a small cluster for parallel rendering (9 dual-athlon
1500+ and GeForce3, inter-connected with old Myrinet card for now).
We were thinking of doing pixels transfer from the graphics card to
Myrinet, since it's possible on the Nvidia cards to allocate data
either on AGP or video memory. Do you have any ideas/pointers about
that ?


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