Looking for POC for IBM cluster solutions, and OSSIM status

Mark Lucas mlucas at imagelinks.com
Fri Feb 8 08:17:50 PST 2002

Anyone from IBM beowulf cluster support or business development on the list?
Please email me directly.

Now I'll try and get on topic...  We have been building and supporting our
own clusters in house over the last couple of years and have recently been
providing them to several government agencies.  We had previously wired in
PVM to our in house software, but have been moving more functionality over
to the OSSIM library.  http://www.ossim.org .  Thought it was time for a
status as others may be interested on the list.

OSSIM has incorporated MPI as we have built up the library.  Basically, it
is a geospatial image processing library and associated applications.  OSSIM
is open source and includes a significant amount of code and functionality.

OSSIM is written in object oriented C++, supports native file access to a
wide range of geospatial data sets which it maps into a multi-resolution,
tiled strategy internally.  OSSIM supports a wide variety of map
projections, datums, rigorous and universal sensor models (Landsat, Ikonos
etc).  Parameter driven, non-destructive image processing through a dynamic
image processing chain.  Support for very large data sets including
hyper-spectral (maps to a band interleaved by tile strategy to preserve
maximum efficiency for spatial and spectral operations).

The processing is very CPU bound and, fortunately, coarsely grained.  We
have been witnessing near linear scaling by simply parsing out rows of tiles
to each node for all of the image space to 3D to map projection
transformations and image processing.  Lots of geospatial image processing
capabilities including mosaicking, tonal balancing, feathering, histogram
clipping and matching etc.

There are already a number of utilities and applications being developed -
conversion utilities, image generators, and GUI apps using wxWindows for
cross platform portability.

One of the more interesting apps just starting to emerge is the Visual Chain
Editor.  If you are familiar with OpenDx, it takes the same sort of dynamic
image chain approach with the geospatial functions of OSSIM.

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