Advice on Cluster Hardware.

Ivan Pulleyn ivan at
Tue Feb 5 10:18:05 PST 2002

Rather than a Tyan TigerMP motherboard, consider the newly released
Asus A7M266-D. It's based on the AMD 760MPX which means you get a
66Mhz (as opposed to 33Mhz) 64bit PCI bus. This could become important
if you switch to Myrinet or some other fast interconnect. In addition,
you'll have the option of regeristered or unregistered ECC
memory. While I recommend registered (and it's required for higher
capacities) it's nice to have a choice. Also, there's quite a number
of 760MPX boards coming out soon so you'll have more options as you
grow your cluster.


On Tue, 5 Feb 2002, Alberto Ramos wrote:

>   Here in a university of Madrid, we are designing a Beowulf for paralel
> computing in QCD. We will begin with a small cluster to see the performance
> and later try with other comunications, like mirynet.
>   The Hardware will be 4 nodes each consisting of:
>   - 2xAMD MP 1800+ CPU
>   - 1x512MB RAM DDR
>   - 1xTyan tiger MP
>   - 2x3-COM 905B NIC
>   - 20GB HD
>   The master node has 1GB of RAM DDR, and one aditional HD to use as /home.
>   The conection will be trought a HP Procurve Switch 408 with 8 ports to use
> Chanel Bonding.
>   Now the questions:
>   - Any known problems with the hardware?
>   - Are the NIC and the Switch good choices?
>   - Will the Intel FORTRAN 90 Compiler work with this hardware.
>   Thank you very much for your time.
>   Alberto.
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