High Speed Beowulf Cluster using gigabit ethernet

George France france at handhelds.org
Sun Feb 3 14:34:06 PST 2002

On Saturday 02 February 2002 23:31, . . wrote:
> Hello,
> I will be building a high speed Beowulf cluster using gigabit Ethernet. I
> was doing some research before that.
> Some of the cluster configuration that I saw online had two NIC's and some
> had just one.
> My question was, is the extra NIC used only to increase the I/O throughput
> or for some other specific purpose ?

Some people use an extra NIC for command and control.  Others use it for I/O 
throughput. Others use an extra NIC for redundancy.  It just depends upon the 
applications that they are running.  You may want to setup a small cluster 
and see what works best for your application, before setting up a larger 

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