Liquid cooling?

Robert G. Brown rgb at
Wed Apr 24 10:49:03 PDT 2002

On 24 Apr 2002, John Hearns wrote:

> On Wed, 2002-04-24 at 15:10, Worsham, Michael A. wrote:
> > Has anyone attempting to create a beowulf cluster using extreme methods of
> > cooling, such as the liquid cooling?
> > 
> > Example sites:,, &
> >
> > 
> Well, I think Robert Brown has FINALLY been beaten here.
> You're not going to install Freon tanks, complete with plastic
> fish are you Bob? 
> I just have this bizarre vision of Bob in an aqualung visiting
> a Freon-flooded machine room...

Oh no, this has all been discussed before on the list before (many
times, actually -- look back at the archives with google to find some of
them) and MY favorite solution is to build a really large computer room
in, say, Antarctica and just put fans in the windows.

Liquid solutions (no pun intended:-) tend to be expensive, messy,
environmentally nasty (if you don't use water), risky (water and
electricity don't mix well) and, as you note, servicing the machines in
a full immersion rack can be, well, "involved".



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