Liquid cooling?

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I have a difficult time understanding all this overclocking/cooling stuff.
If you go to some of the
web sites listed below you get a real sense of all show no go. Cases carved
out on the side,
plastic windows installed, neon lights installed inside. extra fans on the
top, bottom, sides, front and back.
The original stuff is engineered for gods sake! Although in some cases
Liquid cooling an overclocked AMD chip could cost between $50 and $400!!!
Wouldn't that money be better spent toward a a faster chip? Perhaps as much
as %250 faster compared to
what little you may get with overclocking? Not to mention the warranty
problems with damn near every thing in the box.
The potential problems with broken cooling lines inside and out of the
boxes. I would think for most of us
time is money and the maintenance of such systems (we are talking of
clusters and not single systems) would
be prohibitive. Unless the boss is easily fooled.
Reminds me of the 1966 Chevrolet Impalas with hydraulics, dingo balls, neon
license plate frames..
Ok, maybe makes limited sense for 1U type systems....

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Has anyone attempting to create a beowulf cluster using extreme methods of
cooling, such as the liquid cooling? 

Example sites: <> , <> , & <>  

-- M 

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