COTS cooling

Robert B Heckendorn heckendo at
Tue Apr 23 22:00:16 PDT 2002

We don't have to pay for the cooling but the cost of the installation
of cooling is being used as an argument to cut corners on the machine
itself.  :-( So I would love to get the cost of the installation of
cooling down.

One of the responses to my mail said:

"We just purchased ~150 dual AMDs, and are cooling them with 4 Fujitsu
ceiling-mounted air-conditioners: about 50kW of AC cost us about $25k,
which is about 10% of the cost of the machines."

This sounds like COTS cooling to go with our COTS machines.  :-) It
has the nice feature that if one AC goes out the others keep running.
It is also nice in that half a dozen 125KBTU/hr units in the ceiling
would seem to handle a fairly large load and all machines for the next
4 years of expansion.

450W/dualnode * 3.4BTU/hr/W * 400 nodes  = 612K BTU/hr

Does anyone else comments on this scheme (pros or con)?
Is anyone doing anything like this?

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