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Tue Apr 23 19:56:53 PDT 2002

>The other consideration to have is some kind of monitoring/alerting system
>for the room.  A client has a dedicated cooling equipment for a beowulf
>cluster for 52 machines.  Recently the A/C broke one morning and they did
>not find out till the afternoon when someone walked into the small network
>room and found the room was in excess of 100 degrees.
>I dont want to think about what could have happened if it happened on a
>friday evening and nobody found about it until Monday. :)

Ah, and on that: (rackmountable and wall- or 
camera-mountable Temp, RH, air speed, door contact, camera, and 
external sensors: all web/SNMP addressable w/email alerts available). 
I've got four WallBotz 310 units, in server rooms, wiring closets, 
and cluster rooms. And the cluster room has a thermostat monitored 
24x7 by our Physical Plant. Braces and belt, when that much hardware 
is on the line.

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