/. US DOE gets a $24.5 Million Linux Supercomputer

Rocky McGaugh rocky at atipa.com
Wed Apr 17 13:02:40 PDT 2002

On Wed, 17 Apr 2002, Richard Walsh wrote:

> Eugene Leitel wrote:
> >http://slashdot.org/articles/02/04/17/1324227.shtml?tid=162
> >An anonymous reader wrote in to say "Pacific Northwest National Laboratory 
> >(US DOE) signed a $24.5 million dollar contract with HP for a Linux 
> >supercomputer. This will be one of the top ten fastest computers in the 
> >world. Some cool features: 8.3 Trillion Floating Point Operations per 
> >Second, 1.8 Terabytes of RAM, 170 Terabytes of disk, (including a 53 TB 
> >SAN), and 1400 Intel McKinley and Madison Processors. Nice quote: 'Todays 
> >announcement shows how HP has worked to help accelerate the shift from 
> >proprietary platforms to open architectures, which provide increased 
> >scalability, speed and functionality at a lower cost,' said Rich DeMillo,
> >vice president and chief technology officer at HP. Read Details of the
> >announcement here or here."
> Mmmm ... working through some numbers ...
> 8.3 TFLOPS (if they are quoting peak) with 1400 processors 
> would mean they are getting chips with 1.5 GHz clocks (peak
> performance would be 6 GFLOPS per chip [4 ops per clock]). 

I'll give ya an even 9.0 Tflops (peak, of course) for $3million. Myrinet 
included. Storage not.

Can't deliver till June though, as we're installing a 7.3 at the moment.

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