again OpenPBS vs SGE

Mikhail Kuzminsky kus at
Tue Apr 16 12:02:59 PDT 2002

    I'm in process of choice of *free* batch queue system
for new Linux cluster(s). We are using GNQS on many SMP
systems and we are happy with it, but GNQS isn't develop
    Real competition is, IMHO, between OpenPBS and
Codine/SGE (which was very praised early in our maillist, in particular, 
by Chris Black).

Some comparisons are presented by Omar Hassaine from Sun 
omar_hassaine.pdf). IMHO, some of this estimations are inconsistent
w/some Chris Blake statements. So, I'll try below to formulate
shortly few (looking as important for me) advantages and
disadvantages of OpenPBS and SGE. I'll be very appreciate in
any remarks, opinions etc (especially  were I'm wrong).

I.Some PBS minuses.

1) The main is instable work of deamons
2) PBS don't support user checkpoint migartion.
For example, I run Gaussian98 job (which creates own
checkpoint file) on one node, and there is now subsequent
G98 job which may run on other (free) node, but this other
node don't have the necessary G98 checkpoint file
3) Absence of interface w/Globus Grid - if it's Open PBS
(not PBSpro).

II. Some PBS pluses

- it looks as most popular for Linux clusters 
- it's possible to receive job from one node and send it to run
  on other node of *other cluster*
III. Some SGE minuses

1) Do not support "multiclustering"
2) The schedule algorithms are restricted to only one
   default (this is inconsistent w/Chris Black message, as
   I understand)

IV. Some SGE pluses

1) Reliable work
2) Globus Grid is integrated (?? is it correct ?)
3) There is support of job migration

I don't see to absence of SGE source today (I beleive it'll be
available in nearly future).

Thanks for the future help,
Mikhail Kuzminsky
Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry

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