Newest RPM's?

Peter Bowen pzb at
Wed Apr 10 20:56:53 PDT 2002

On Mon, 2002-04-01 at 00:11, Sean DIlda wrote:
> On Sun, 2002-03-31 at 23:15, Eric Miller wrote:
> I must note, my above answer was given as if you were installing over
> RH6.2  I do *NOT* recommend installing the binary rpms from a
> RHL6.2-based Scyld Beowulf over a RHL7.2 system.  This is by no means a
> supported method.  I don't know if anything will or won't break in doing
> it, but I would assume that something will considering how much has
> changed between RHL6.2 and RHL7.2  If you really want to try, you're
> free to try, but if you want something right now, I'd suggesting going
> to the RHL6.2 based setup.

Are there beowulf packages available for RHL7.2?


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