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Eric Miller emiller at techskills.com
Thu Apr 11 07:08:16 PDT 2002

>may i know if anyone here can provide detailed information on how to start
a a beowulf?
>i have about 9 machinese with Pentium MMX 233 Mhz processors, 128 mb RAM, 2
x 1.99 Gb. HDD
>I am also considering various designs and this is a school project. Thanks
for your help!

Li, this group is not very "newbie freindly" when you ask for detailed
information, I am working on a similar project and have only gotten spotty
assistance.  I will tell you that the Scyld system is by far the easiset to
set up, and it works well.  If you are familiar with Linux, you should have
no problems getting a Scyld beowulf up and running, just be sure to read the
docs first, they explain the NIC requirements on the master, and other
important physical setup issues.  After you get the network built, it is
really a well-built distribution, with a GUI and all.  See www.scyld.com  I
have tried others, but Scyld is far and away the best, with the most
community support.

After you get the cluster up and running, that's where the help seems to
drift off.  Most of the people in this group are upper-level users who know
how to get these MPI enabled programs to run on thier clusters.  If you are
like me, these topics are a little foreign.  If you are looking for
something to run continuously, like a display, they say the MandelBrot
renderer has a loop function, but I can't get it to work.  Someone suggested
SETI many months ago, which would be perfect, but SETI does not offer an MPI
enabled program.

Maybe you and I can work together, Ill help you get your cluster up and
running, then together we can rattle our swords for some detailed assistance
with the MPI programs (and programming).  Contact me emiller at techskills.com,
good luck!

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