FreeBSD port of SGE (Compute farm system)

Ron Chen ron_chen_123 at
Thu Apr 4 20:23:51 PST 2002


I compiled the source, changed a few parameters, and
SGE finally runs on FreeBSD. It is running in single-
user mode, with only 1 host. I am doing a little clean
up, and then I will need to make sure my changes do
not affect others (by "#ifdef BSD").

It still does not get the correct system information
yet, but some of the job accounting info is there (at
least run time is correct  8-) ).

It is now running for several hours, it looks stable.
It ran several tens of jobs. "qstat", "qhost",
"qconf", "qdel" look fine, output makes sense (but
need to implement the resource info collecting

I will post the patches tomorrow, together with some
output of the commands. (I will be busy today)

Also, I will move the discussion from the hackers list
to the cluster at freebsd list.


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