PVM with a Scyld cluster

keith.mcdonald-fct at btinternet.com keith.mcdonald-fct at btinternet.com
Sat May 26 03:08:54 PDT 2001

Robert Sands wrote:

I have a customer that is more familiar with using pvm rather 
than mpi so I need
some instructions on how to get pvm working with the SCYLD 
cluster.  Is there
anyone out there using pvm on a scyld cluster and if so can I get 
to get pvm to work with the cluster?

I found one way to run PVM.

On the Master, edit the inetd.conf and uncomment the rshd and 
rlogin parts. 
a 'killall -HUP inetd.conf' to re-read the file.

Prepare a suitable /etc/exports file to allow the nodes to have 
nfs access. 
will need to stop and restart nfs to re-read the new exports 

Prepare a suitable .rhosts file in $HOME to rsh without a 

The following commands should then be run:

bpsh <n> hostname <hostname> for each of your nodes. I do this 
friendliness though it is not necessary. You will need a suitable 
file if
you use this method.

Mount the following:

bpsh -a mount -t nfs -n /home (if not mounted 
bpsh -a mount -t nfs -n /etc
bpsh -a mount -t nfs -n /bin
bpsh -a mount -t nfs -n /usr
bpsh -a mount -t nfs -n /lib

The -n flag stops any problems with mtab.

Run bpsh -a /usr/sbin/inetd

Start a pvm session on the master and then add your nodes by 
hostname. Once 
check pvm>conf to see that all is in order.

This is very much the long way round and should really be 

I hope that this helps,

Keith McDonald

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