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You might try the clusterit toolkit.  It allows you to spawn jobs across
several machines quite easily.  You can find it on the FreeBSD web site

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> Subject: make and cluster software
> We are trying to move our large sets of batch jobs (several thousand)
> into a make type environment. We already have a cluster running 
> OpenPBS, but are looking at alternatives to PBS since we have been 
> having problems with hangs and such. I am interested in MOSIX since 
> it seems like it would integrate well with our multiple independant 
> processes model and with make. But I also read in the MOSIX FAQ that 
> java processes don't get migrated. Most of our programs are java 
> code that links in fast native code for algorithms. I am not that 
> familiar with MOSIX and I don't know if migrating processes would 
> even be necessary for us. Ideally I would like to be able to do a:
> make -j50
> and run 50 processes at a time. Right now we just have make execute 
> a bunch of qsubs to queue jobs into PBS.
> We are also looking at Codine/GRD engine.
> So, does anyone have any suggestions? Any experience with MOSIX and 
> make? Would this need the ability to migrate processes? Is MOSIX not 
> a good solution for this type of application? Anyone else setting up 
> make to use a cluster semi-transparently?
> Thanks,
> Chris
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