Art Edwards edwards at
Tue May 29 20:42:40 PDT 2001

I want to thank Sean Dilda and Keith Undd for pointing to ways to use a Scyld
cluster without running jobs on the head node and taking advantage of local
disk. The remedy for the latter is quite straightforward. However, the use
of p4pg files is virtually unworkable in a multiuser environment. To avoid
crowding the head node, each user would have to query all the nodes to find the
inactive ones, writea prpg file specifying which nodes they want, and deposit it
on the node they decide will be node0 for their run. The chances for collision
are finite. In coming releases of Scyld I hope the -nolocal option is activated.
This is, to my mind, the cleaner way to get off of the head node.

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