problems with channel bonding (fwd)

Per Christian Henden perchrh at
Mon May 28 12:01:26 PDT 2001

I thought I'd share this information with the list, as it probably is of
some importance to others.

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Date: Mon, 28 May 2001 10:19:27 -0700
From: Aaron Van Couwenberghe <avancouw at>
To: Per Christian Henden <perchrh at>
Subject: Re: problems with channel bonding

<snip..(description of problems with realtek 8139 chipset nics and
channel bonding)>

(...) At work we have tested some 8139 cards and gotten the same kind of
results as you. Realtek cards just won't work properly with bonding;
we have no idea whether this is a bug in the driver or the
hardware. If you need generic cards try tulip, as many people seem to
have success with that. However, at my work we are using intel cards
(large rx/tx cache == great performance with bonding) and 3com cards
(smaller cache but still very fast).

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