1U P4 Systems

Bari Ari bari at onelabs.com
Tue May 22 18:09:53 PDT 2001

alvin at Mail.Linux-Consulting.com wrote:

> hi Bari/Jim
> i know that this is a beowulf mailing list...but ...
> and yes... i'd be curious to see how many clusters are
> using 1U vs 2u vs 4U...etc..etc..
> For Making ones own chassis... it is NOT that straight forward...
> there are always costs and *oops* that add up... that sometimes
> its cheaper to buy someone elses stuff even if its not quite
> exactly what is needed...
> 	- we tend to build customized 1U chassis per vendor
> 	specs...
> not many people can cut and drill the holes as needed...
> the $50 1U chassis are flimsy paper .... not worthy of being
> called a 1u chassis...

We use aluminum extrusions for the side, front and rear panels.... far 
from flimsy. If your going to build more than 10 or 20 enclosures at a 
time just about any CNC sheet metal shop can stamp out an enclosure for 
you for under $100. That's why the typical 1U enclosure sells for $250 
at the dealer. 100% is a nice profit margin.

> the typical $250 1U chassis are okay...but those still twist
> so if its in a tack and hold held by the front mounting ears...
> those motherboards will twist...
> our 1U chassis is 48 gauge steel.. it wont bend like theirs does..
> and there you cannot drill it either.... its extremely difficult
> for the ordinary hobbyist

48 gauge steel!? 30 gauge is only .0120"..... 48 gauge would be down 
around .003" -.005".... about the thickness of aluminum foil. 18 gauge 
.0478" is pretty typical for rack mount enclosure panels with a 10 gauge 
aluminum front panel for rack mounting. You can order extrusions for 
side panels from many sources like Wakefield.


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