1U P4 Systems

Jim Lux James.P.Lux at jpl.nasa.gov
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For the large number of odd shaped holes you'd need (power supply and fan
cutouts, etc.), I suspect that the CNC sheet metal fabricator will be  more
cost effective.  It's not just the drill press you need, you also need the
punches, etc.  About $10K would set you up with the necessary tooling.  Of
course, if you have access to the necessary machines, the actual dies for
the punch are fairly inexpensive.  There would be, of course, the labor
cost, but for those on a low $$ budget, often they have free-ish labor.

I've been this route a number of times, and what's fairly straightforward to
do 1 or 2 times, gets real tedious and timeconsuming when you have to do it
100 times.  It's one thing to spend a day marking and cutting one chassis.
It's another to spend 4 months doing 100.

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>On Tue, 22 May 2001, Bari Ari wrote:
>> You can have sheet metal 1U enclosures with CNC mounting holes made to
>> order with aluminum front panels for under $100 US in low volume(100
>> pcs.). If you are willing to drill your own mounting holes you can get
>> off the shelf 1U enclosures for around $50 quan. 1.
>Having things made is painful, but I've got a drill.  Several drills,
>actually.  Besides, I could buy a heavy-duty drill press for what I'd
>save on any significant number of nodes.
>So, how do I go about making a 1U enclosure out of a OTS case?  Do you
>have any specific cases that you care to recommend that fit (even
>approximately) the size spec?  Did you do this yourself?  Do you have
>some (or can you prepare some) GIFs or JPEGs of the process or finished
>Seriously, this would make a great chapter for the online beowulf
>engineering book I'm working on.  Send me the stuff, I'll organize it
>and put it in a chapter...
>   rgb
>> Bari
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