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Michael Huntingdon hunting at
Mon May 21 19:30:15 PDT 2001


If you can be more specific, I can come back with what ever pricing might
be needed.


At 08:47 PM 5/21/01 -0400, you wrote:
>On Mon, May 21, 2001 at 06:19:52PM -0400, Robert G. Brown wrote:
>> This isn't to complain about your ranking -- I think it is very useful
>> and one does have to create some sort of standard in order to compare
>> price performance.  It is just to note that if one's application DOESN'T
>> use a GB of core the price/performance rankings can signficantly change
>> because of the nonlinearities in the cost space.
>Good point. I had focused on 1GB configurations because
>that's what we are currently using at work, to support
>some huge, memory-hungry jobs. I took a stab at readjusting
>for 512MB configurations (768MB gets to be a hassle to do
>in highly interleaved systems like the UltraSPARC). This
>table is a bit shakier than the last ones because I don't
>have good data for the smaller memory configurations
>on the UltraSPARCs, and, as I pointed out previously,
>the Alpha and HP prices are WAGs anyway. Not that precise
>data on these is likely to change the rankings much, but
>does anyone have better pricing info for these that they
>can share? Anyway, this is what I came up with, sorted
>only by Sfp2K/K$:
>Core$ is for MB + CPU + 512MB memory
>Processor                  MHz    L2   Si Sfp core $ Sfp/K$ Notes
>-------------------------- ----  ---- --- --- ------ ----
>AMD Athlon (Thunderbird)   1300   256 491 374    400  935  (A7V, PC133 SDRAM)
>AMD Athlon (Thunderbird)   1330   256 539 445    600  742  (GA7DX, DDR SDRAM)
>Pentium 4                  1700   256 586 608    900  676  (D850GB, RDRAM)
>Pentium III (Coppermine)   1000   256 428 314    700  449  (VC820, RDRAM)
>Alpha (21264)               833  8192 533 644  8,500   76  (UP2000+, est)
>UltraSPARC III              750  8192 395 421  7,500   56  (Ocelot)
>PA-8700                     750       603 581 13,500   43  (HP J6700,
2304KB L1)
>UltraSPARC II               480  8192 234 291  9,000   32  (AXdp)
>PS, BTW, FYI & FWIW, for those of you with a sense of
>deja-vu, the message Robert just responded to was in fact
>essentially a duplicate of one I sent before, only it came
>from my office address rather than my personal address.
>I had done a reply instead of a forward so that I could
>edit the content (I have mutt set to forward messages
>as mime attachments), but then I forgot to take the beowulf
>address off.  I thought the message was dead because my
>work address isn't subscribed to the list. I sent mail
>to the admin address asking that it be deleted rather than
>approved, but I guess that it got approved and posted
>anyway. :-(
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