MPI or PVM enabled jre?

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Mon May 21 12:25:46 PDT 2001

I can certainly see this as valuable in a prototyping stage.  Getting the
algorithms, concepts, what-have-you working quickly and easily.  Then write
it in a high performance language.

Being able to slap something together really quickly to test MPI or PVM for
your application would be nice.

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I certainly wouldn't want to speak for the entire community, but I think
that most of us are just now crawling out of the FORTRAN days.  The next
step is to C, and not even to C++.  Experience has borne out the
performance advantages of "low-tech" languages like FORTRAN and C for
intense number crunching.  The performance of object-oriented languages
in general and Java in particular are suspect for the types of problems
that typically require high-performance parallel hardware.

Mike Prinkey
Aeolus Research, Inc.

"Joshua T. Klobe" wrote:
> As a junior in college trying to devise a useful and interesting senior
> project, I was wondering why it seems that there is no java support for
> MPI or PVM enviroments?  Why has it stopped with c+?  Any thoughts are
> more than welcome.
> -Josh Klobe

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