Booting from ATA100 Raid on an ABit KT7A-Raid Mobo (Stephen J ohnston)

Ouyang, Lizhi ouyangl at
Wed May 9 10:34:17 PDT 2001

I was able to get the PROMISE FASTTRAK 100 to work for 2.2.x kernels although
the binary modules from promise did not support kernels other than redhat
6.2/7.0. I am not aware of any HPT370 drivers. The ABIT-KT7A-RAID won't boot
because the bios will only boot in the raid mode. You may want to try the linux
driver from Adaptec 1200s raid card. They are in fact based on HPT370 chip set.
But as you know, HPT370 are merely software raid that fools the BIOS to treat it
as a SCSI disk. So adaptec's bios may not be the same. 

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Hi All


ABit KT7A-Raid Mob
2 x IBM DTLA-307030 Deskstar disks on ATA100 Raid controller
Escalade 6800 multi-port IDE board
4 x same disks on Escalade
cdrom on slave ide0

escalade - no raid config disks seen during install as /dev/sda|b|c|d (ide
disks seen as scsi in this card is ok)

ATA100 on board raid - mirroring /dev/hde to /dev/hdg (ideally)

Boot sequence in bios floppy-cdrom-ata100


OK, install goes fine.  However the machine wont boot.  If I change the
ATA100-Raid to no raid-iness simply 2 drives and specifically tell the install
to either put lilo on mbr of boot disk or on /dev/hde leave it as the default
location (/dev/hde i guess) it still wont boot.

Any ideas would be appreciated.



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