Cooling experts out there, some help please

Dan Christensen jdc at
Wed May 9 18:14:40 PDT 2001

<alvin at> writes:

> I'd add i2c to one of the systems and start a cpu
> temperature tests...over several days/weeks...
> 	- an idle cpu will give you "ambient cpu temperature"

I just tried lm-sensors/i2c on a dual processor PIII system and it
reports that the cpu temps are +2C when idle and around 16C when
loaded.  Obviously these are wrong.  The question is, are they
usually wrong by a constant amount?  So can I assume that my
cpu's are at something like 32C when idle and 48C when loaded?

I want to know this because I want to disconnect some of the eight
fans that the retailer put into this box!  Seems a bit excessive
to me (and noisy) but I don't want to mess with it without knowing
for sure whether they are needed.

Anyone have any good recommendations for quiet fans?  Or fans
that only switch on when things get hot?


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