beowulf software administration and c/fortran compilers

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Sun May 20 15:23:48 PDT 2001

I haven't used the PGI kit, but I know the people at PGI and trust them to
do a good job.  The advantage of the PGI kit is it includes their excellent

The other options I know of are scyld (I think their web site is and OSCAR (  All of these work and
should give you what you need.  


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Hello, I am about to build a beowulf(4 nodes).  I want to purchase the
software as a commercial grade, "cluster kit".  Has anyone purchased the
Portland Group's "Cluster Development Kit"?   Would you recommend for
administration, and application development.  Easy to install and maintain
with tools?

If Portland's not the best "Kit", can someone recommend an alternative?

I want to focus on the development of my algorithms, and not the
maintenance/setup of the beowulf.

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