kickstart question

J. G. LaBounty jgl at
Wed May 16 10:48:41 PDT 2001

Is there some parameter to the kickstart "part" command that
will tell it to check for bad blocks when building the filesystem?

clearpart --linux
part /boot --size 31 --ondisk hda
part / --size 1500 --ondisk hda  --RUNBADBLOCKonthis??
part swap --size 1000 --ondisk hda
part /tmp --size 70 --ondisk hda
part /work1 --size 40 --grow --ondisk hda
part swap --size 1000 --ondisk hdc
part swap --size 1000 --ondisk hdc
part /work2 --size 40 --grow --ondisk hdc


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