Cooling experts out there, some help please

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Tue May 8 10:45:18 PDT 2001

hi Kevin

I know of some heatsink and fan vendors....
( dont have any finite element apps to show cooling

the intel i810 based chipsets does support i2c to be able
to read the cpu temperature, voltages and fan speed
( motherboard health monitoring )
	- we did quite a few experiments with it
	- turned out that the smaller the heatsink, the
	- better the cooling was .. a small fan can only
	- cool so much metal of the heatsink

the Electronics Cooling magazine is a good starting point
of heatsink/fan info ...

if you're not restricted to1U systems... the generic
heatsink that comes with the intel CPU should work fine

if you're trying to fit Intels P3-866Mhz or p4-1.4GHz
machines into the 1U cases.... we have problems with
cooling the P4 and all 1U vendors have to customize
the chassis for the P4 and AMD motherboards
alvin  .. heatsinks, fans, 

On Tue, 8 May 2001, Carpenter, Dean wrote:

> Couple of sites that are good to check with ...
> You can get more from there.  Lots of information out there.  Don't know
> about max temps though - you mean max before the cpu fails ?  That varies
> from cpu to cpu, even within the same lot.
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> Subject: Cooling experts out there, some help please
> I need some help from the cooling experts out there. 
> What I am interested in a chart that define maximum
> internal die temp / Die surface temp / Heat sink temp
> for intel processors.  I realize there are whole bunch
> of variables but I would like to get a rough idea. 
> The chart could also specify different heatsink
> material types CU,Al...
> At the least I would like to see some of the off the
> shelf heatsinks that have been through testing that
> compare these variables for Intel Processors.
> Thank you ahead of time for you input,
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