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Hi Guys 
I am starter in cluster business and need help 
I have an Alpha up2k and Lx164 plus some intel M/c's basically this is a trial if it succeeds than I would be Installing it in a larger
way.I have tried Installing and doing all the stuff given below in RH 6.2 /7.0 SuSe 7.0
Installed Os
Patched a file with the Source Code . i.e  cd  /usr/src/linux  and then    patch -p1 > /path of beo patch   
Activated the Beowulf Part in Compiling Kernel
i.e make menuconfig
general settings marked beowulf option (3 lines )
make dep clean boot. 
HERE the problem starts its not able to make an image it says there is no beowulf directory ..........or something like that ????
Can Anyone tell me how can I make a beowulf Cluster
What are the Softwares Reqd. and Which Site is that ,
I will be grateful if I get this information.
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