Possbile uses of Beowulf ... ?

Rakhesh Sasidharan rakhesh at cse.iitd.ernet.in
Fri May 4 04:12:30 PDT 2001

Hi all,

I was going through the beowulf.org site trying to find general
information on beowulf's (and I did find lots), but there's something that
I still am not clear about:

  Suppose I have 6-7 old machines lying around with me, is there any way I
  could use something like beowulf techniques to make them into a "super"
  computer ?  I'm just a non-academic user, and the only use I think I can
  put this to could be to play games faster, or surfing, or plays mp3s
  etc ...  Individually, the old machines (486s and above) wouldn't be
  efficient, so is it possible to combine them together and make things
  work ?

I went through a couple of articles etc, and that gave me the impression
contrary to what I am asking; but still I ask to make sure. :-)  Or maybe
it is possible to take the source code of normal apps, and beowulf-ify
them ?


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