Scyld Beowulf doesn't like Gigabyte GA-6vxdr7 motherboard

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Mon May 7 12:48:38 PDT 2001

Hmmm.  Just a point of note.  The base install appears to also install the
non-SMP 2.2.17-33 kernel.  I built a stage 2 boot image using it like this 

	beoboot -2 -n -k /boot/vmlinuz-2.2.17-33.beo -m

which seemed to work fine.  When the node boots though, there are all kinds
of module loading errors because it's still looking for modules in
/lib/modules/2.2.17-33.beosmp.  The master node is still running the SMP
version.  I know the docs say you should run the same kernel on the slaves
as on the master - would that be an issue here ?

These motherboards are based on the Via Apollo Pro chipset VT82C694X,

David Vos - 

These are disked slaves, but they haven't gotten to the point of being able
to partition the disks yet.  Since some of the modules fail to load, a
command like

	bpsh 0 df

results in an error like

	df: BProc move failed.

I'll do some tests once I get the 2.2.19 kernel compiled with the bproc

Scyld/Daniel - you don't have a pre-done rpm for a 2.2.19-xxSMP kernel
package do you ?  :)

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94TT :)

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Hi All -

Just got some eval equipment in today to play with, with the Gigabyte
GA-6vxdr7 motherboards in them.  The NICs show up as EtherExpressPro 10/100
nics, pretty normal.  These are dual P3 boards with dual 933 cpus and 512meg

The stage 1 boot goes fine, it gets an IP and grabs the stage 2 kernel fine.
It's during the boot and init of the dual cpus that it barfs ...  It leaves
this on screen :

CPU map: 3
Booting processor 1 eip 2000
Setting warm reset code and vector
Asserting INIT.
Deasserting INIT.
Sending STARTUP #1.
After apic_write.
Before start apic_write.
Startup point 1.

And there it sits.

There's some more above the CPU map: 3 there, I can provide that as well.  I
have to run right now, but tomorrow I'll try the non-SMP kernel, see if it
will actually boot.

Otherwise, any ideas ?

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