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Joe Kaiser - hegel jlkaiser at
Wed May 2 05:01:25 PDT 2001


My name is Joe Kaiser and I am the July special issue editor for ;login:

The Magazine of Usenix and SAGE.  ;login: has a circulation of about
15,000 people, mostly UNIX systems administrators.  The theme for the
July issu is "clusters."  I was wondering if there is anyone on this
list who
is running a home "cluster," one that is either a true beowulf cluster
or even just a cluster of workstations, and who would like to write a
one to three page article about:

The hardware configuration.
How you set it up and any problems you encountered.
What you are using it for.
Why you did it in the first place.
What future uses you will have for it.

My goal is to get 5-7 of these and string them together to show how
small clusters
can be and still do some useful work.

The deadline is May 22 to me and it will go in the July issue of ;login.

If you would like to contribute or would like to discuss this further,
please send me an email to

jkaiser at


Joe Kaiser - Systems Administrator

Fermi Lab
jlkaiser at

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