Installing module 3c90x.o returns: init_module: Device busy

Bogdan Costescu bogdan.costescu at
Fri Mar 30 02:29:43 PST 2001

On Thu, 29 Mar 2001, Chris Richard Adams wrote:

> I need to create the module for the 3c905C-TX card.  I got the source
> code from the Scyld site and followed the directions explicitly.  I
> compiled with only a few warnings.  When I try to install the module
> with 'insmod 3c90x.o' I get the error: 3c90x.o init_module: Device or
> Resource busy.

I think that you are making some kind of confusion here. AFAIK, the Scyld
site does not distribute any driver called 3c90x - this is the one
distributed by 3Com. Don's driver is called 3c59x and you should have it
already compiled.
RedHat is distributing both drivers and announcing 3c90x as the right one
for 905B and 905C cards, although 3c59x supports them too. But I do have
the impression that their detection is not very good: anaconda would use
(and add to /etc/conf.modules) 3c59x, while later, kudzu would install
3c90x. Maybe this situation will change with the 2.4 kernel, as 3c90x in
its current form is not 2.4 ready.


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