How to use a beowulf class materials?

Yoon Jae Ho yoon at
Thu Mar 29 21:51:56 PST 2001

> I've been tasked to teach a class in using a beowulf.  I've parallelized a
> few serial fortan codes to use MPI, so I have the technical side covered,
> at least for the 1st quarter.

If I have a chance to be a teacher like you, I want to be a coordinator not teach item like MPI code or ... ...  
I mean in the internet there are many discussion group(mailing list) or there archive.
It is the first step to learn. and the e-mail for the very important contact point when your student don't know or ask something to the authors. 

> Anyone have suggestions for textbooks?  Know of existing class
> outlines available on the web?  Any other pointers?

first of all, 

Will you show your student the 's discussion archive  & the linking site from various University or Org?
and ?
and other mailing list, FAQ, howto or Usenet site related in mpi ..

> I'm considering: Parallel Programming With MPI by Peter Pacheco to
> cover the MPI part, but probably need an additional book on parallel
> algorithms and programming.
> I suspect it's of interest to the list, so please follow up to the list.

I read "Parallel Programming" by Wilkinson & Allen  Prentice Hall 
ISDN 0-13-671710-1
and the Program Source like mpich or LAM itself is starting point to teach, I think. 
and the Presentation & FAQ or manual by author is another point to start.

Thank you very much

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