Channel Bonding

Jonathan Earle jearle at
Thu Mar 29 07:52:07 PST 2001

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> From: Timothy I Mattox [mailto:tmattox at]
> So, for all the posts from people saying "I tried channel boding,
> and it was much SLOWER than when I used just one NIC"... this is what
> is likely going on... your switch at any one time will be sending
> all the packets for a particular MAC address down ONE port, and thus
> blocking, and overflowing, and just making a real mess.

If all the data went down only one port, then at worst, shouldn't the speed
have been the same as when only one NIC was used?

In my case, two PCs, each with a Znyx 4port card (tulip bsed), kernel
2.4.0-test9, I didn't use a switch, but instead wired each port to the other
PC using a crossover cable (PC1/port1 to PC2/port1, PC1/port2 to PC2/port2,
etc).  Even in this config, the speed was dramatically slower than using one


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