Master node install stops during "performing post install configuration"

Chris Hendrickson chendric at
Tue Mar 27 13:24:42 PST 2001

Chris Richard Adams wrote:

> uhhhh... Not sure if this is the cause, but should I have the slave
> nodes already attached to the network.  Just looking in the docs, I see
> that during install it will write to the floppy disks of each slave
> node. Could this be the cause, because i do not have any slave nodes
> attached yet? 
> Thanks,
> CHris
that should not be an issue, the master node does not actually write to 
the floppys of the compute nodes. After the install however, you must 
create a boot floppy for each node (the floppy will be created on the 
master node and then walked over to the computer nodes), but even so, 
that does not come into play untill after the reboot.


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