Master node install stops during "performing post install configuration"

Chris Hendrickson chendric at
Tue Mar 27 12:51:37 PST 2001

I encountered that same problem, do not enter any IP information for the 
internal ( ethernet device, when I did not change any 
settings to that device, but instead left it at it's default, it 
continued properly.


Chris Richard Adams wrote:

> Hi all;
> During the master node install, once all the files are installed - it
> makes it to the end and says, "performing post install configuration"
> and thats it.  Even thought the install takes less than 15 minutes -
> I've waiting up to 1/2hr - and never makes it past that message.  The
> mouse still moves so I don't think it's frozen.

"The box said requires Windows 95 or better... So I installed Linux"

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