diskless problem

romie romie at pinguin.stttelkom.ac.id
Mon Mar 26 23:50:25 PST 2001

Regarding to Beowulf-installation and Administration HOWTO
section 6.2 Configuring Disk-less Clients
there is CONFIG_RNFS_BOOTP and CONFIG_RNFS_RARP option to answer 
"y" (enabel) when compile kernel, but I can't find that option when 
i compiled my 2.2.16 linux kernel.

i kept compiling my kernel without that option,and got error message
when i start up my node client with that kernel.
there's no problem with scdt and acdn scrypt,it's run well , and my node
client got its ip address by using RARP .
on the server side , there's directory /tftpboot/Template/
contain bin, etc ,sbin directories , ...

warning : unable to open an initial console.
kernel panic: No init found. Try passing int option to kernel
what's wrong with my kernel ?? and 
where can i find that 2 kernel option above.

thank you

best regard
- romie - 

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