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Subject: NSF/TFCC Workshop on Teaching Computing
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space is limited!

Barry Wilkinson
University of North Carolina at Charlotte


NSF/TFCC Workshop on Teaching Cluster Computing

Wednesday July 11th - Friday July 13th, 2001
Department of Computer Science
University of North Carolina at Charlotte


This intensive workshop, funded by the National Science Foundation* and
sponsored by the IEEE Task Force on Cluster Computing, provides
educators with materials and formal instruction to enable them to teach
cluster computing at the undergraduate and graduate level. Participants
will receive formal lectures and guided hands-on experience using a
dedicated cluster of SUN computers. In addition to conventional
message-passing cluster computing using industry standard
message-passing tools, participants will also learn distributed shared
memory programming on a cluster using readily available software.
Finally, a full day is dedicated to how to obtain and install the
software needed, and to teach cluster computing. Comprehensive
educational materials, including a textbook, will be provided for use in
the workshop and in their courses after returning to their home
institution. Post-workshop follow-up/support will be available.

The workshop will last three days and will take place in the Department
of Computer Science at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.
There are no fees for this workshop. Accommodation and meals will be
provided at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte at no charge
to the participants. However, participants are expected to provide for
their own travel to and from Charlotte. In unusual circumstances, some
travel expenses of participants may be paid but only if the participants
cannot obtain needed support and there are workshop funds available.
Contact the workshop organizer for more information.

Provisional Timetable - see http://www.cs.uncc.edu/~abw/CCworkshop2001/

Organizer and Instructor:

Barry Wilkinson, Professor
Department of Computer Science
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
(704) 687 4879
abw at uncc.edu (preferred)


Send request by email to organizer at abw at uncc.edu giving name,
position, and affiliation (full address). The workshop is for
faculty/instructors who are interested to teaching cluster computing at
their own institution. Basic knowledge of C is assumed. Space on this
workshop is limited to a maximum of 15 participants.

*Note: The workshop is contingent upon funding by the National Science
Foundation, which is anticipated but not yet formally approved.

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