MPI/Beowulf vs. SM Programming/OpenMP

Chris Richard Adams chrisa at ASPATECH.COM.BR
Fri Mar 23 06:06:37 PST 2001

Hi everyone;

I've been coding for almost 5 years in a mix of C, Java and now Python.
I am now focused on learning more about parallel programming for
applications/algorithms related to genetic sequencial analysis within
databases - bioinformatics.  The last month or so I've been studying
about different methods that exist and I'm getting confused about where
to start.

I was convinced after reading material on Beowulf that it was the way to
go, but I've recently stumbled upon the OpenMP site and read more about
shared memory techniques.  It seems to me for the type of applications
I'm focusing on...this is a much better approach because I don't have to
spend so much time learning MPI and all the communications.  I can just
focus on learning the algorthms (this is their big sell point anyway).  

1.) Is this really true?

2.) Can anyone point out how Beowulf/MPI is the better solution and
learning path?

3.) Is their room for both Beowulf/MPI and Shared-Mem tech. in the

I would really appreciate hearing your feedback.


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