Q system on a Sycld cluster.

Jag agrajag at linuxpower.org
Thu Mar 22 20:11:58 PST 2001

On Thu, 22 Mar 2001, Daniel Persson wrote:

> Hi all,
> A while back there was discussion about wich batch system to use on a
> Scyld cluster. However, what did you people come up to ?
> Wich bacth system could/should one use on Scyld Beowulf2 cluster ?
> Is it possible to use for ex PBS ?
> What i need is a rather simple system whitout to many fancy features -
> suggestions anyone ?

I wrote a very simple system that you might be interested in.  It was
designed to run programs that weren't programed for parallel processing,
but for which you can specify certain command line options or input
(through stdin) to specify how the program should run differently on
each node.  It also redirects the output to a file.  Each node the job
is run on gets its own file for the output.

There are a few restraints on it based on how it does the I/O
redirection.  It requires that each job you run have a control
directory.  This directory stores the input you gives the program on
each node, and is where the output goes.  Due to this, it needs to be
located somewhere that is nfs mounted by the slave nodes (such as in
/home).  The actual program being run must also be on an nfs mounted

If anyone is interested in this simple system, let me know and I'll
clean it up for release.

Hopefully in the future I will modify it to use some of the tricks that
bpsh does so that the control directory and program being run won't have
to be nfs mounted. (Are we going to see a libbpsh?)  However, this
probablly won't be there if I do a release this month or next.

> BTW - The mailinglist archive seems to have stopped at February.

I've noticed this as well and pointed it out to the person responsible,
but it still doesn't seem to be fixed yet :(

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