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Thu Mar 22 15:08:04 PST 2001

On Fri, 23 Mar 2001, romie wrote:

> hi ..
> is it possible to establish beowulf paralel computation using
> 2 computers ??  1 node server & 1 node client , connected directly each
> other with  cross-connect UTP , with ethrnet bonding(2 ethernet) too, so
> in this case ,so it needs 4 ethernet card ...
> is it possible ? i hope to see ur comment soon ..
> with love
> - romie -

One can certainly use two computers in parallel on a computation, even
if they are just two computers connected directly with crossover UTP.
I've never tried channel bonding in this way and don't know enough to
know if it is possible.

It is useful to remember, though, that 100 Mbps switches are now
extremely cheap, and would let you add more nodes.  You are pretty much
limited to a speedup of two with only two nodes.  You can "get started"
with two, but you'll likely want to add more, and a switch makes this


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