Hybrid Master.

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Excellent.  That's a direction we want to pursue as well.  I'm still
learning about clusters, so as many how-to documents as possible would be a
great help.

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Hello List,
Being both a Mosix and Beowulf enthusiast I would like to combine my masters
on to one machine. I have followed the list for some time and understand
many folks run hybrid systems. However I am running the Scyld release 2
distribution and the kernal versions required by Mosix is that of a plain
vanilla type from kernel.org. My assumptions are that Mosix is kernal
specific and Scyld is not so picky. In short my question is how do I go
about it? Should I install plain Red Hat, plain kernel, Mosix then Scyld
RPMS? Install the Scyld master, plain kernel, Mosix and Scyld again? I am
not a kernel junkie and still pretty deep into the learning curve. I think a
to do list with considerations and caveats would start me down my path, but
feel free to get overly detailed! Please feel free to take it off list with
me as well. If I get it working I promise to write a white paper or
contribute the procedure in some way.
BTW: I am not trying to mix the slaves.

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