Installing Scyld on the Master ...

Omar Kilani ok at
Thu Mar 22 12:12:30 PST 2001

Argh, feeling bad replying to my own post but for future reference for 
anyone else:

Start the install in 'expert' mode.
'Cancel' the driver disk dialog.
Choose keyboard and language.
At the 'special devices' screen, choose 'Add new devices'.
Find 'Mylex DAC960', choose OK.
And from then on, it works beautifully, the Redhat partition program even 
understands the DAC960 /dev/rd/* notation.

Omar Kilani

At 05:49 AM 3/23/01 +1100, you wrote:
>Has anyone installed Scyld onto Mylex hardware RAID (DAC960*) controlled 
>If so, can someone provide information on how they got the Scyld installer 
>to recognise the RAID controller and install  onto it?
>Choosing 'expert' install on startup asks for a driver disk, so should I 
>recompile the module using the beowulf modified kernel sources and stick 
>the .o on a floppy disk, then create the necessary /dev entries? Is there 
>another way?
>Please Advise,
>Omar Kilani
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