Trying to install scyld on an alpha cluster.

Carlos Lopez natorro at
Tue Mar 20 10:15:25 PST 2001

Daniel Ridge wrote:

> We know for certian that BProc builds just fine on the Alpha -- that's how
> we build it for our customers.

Cool, that means I certainly can make it :-)

> My guess is that the 'kernel headers' RPM you installed is not from a
> kernel RPM that includes the BProc patch. No problem -- just apply the
> BProc patch from the SRC rpm to the kernel you've installed.

I compile the kernel-2.2.17-33.beo.src.rpm with 'rpm --rebuild
and it compiled just good, it was running a 2.2.16-22 kernel (the one
that comes with
Red Hat 6.2) and I uninstalled every package related to the old kernel,
kernel-headers, kernel-source, kernel-smp and kernel, I installed all
the binaries
generated by my compilation with kernel-2.2.17-33.beo.src.rpm excepting
kernel (the 
normal kernel, I did install kernel-smp instead) and kernel-BOOT, so I
finally it worked and then I tried to recompile the bproc rpm, it didn't
work, it
says the same thing I told you before, it seems like some headers are
missing, I
did install them from the compilation of the
kernel-2.2.17-33.beo.src.rpm but I
don't know wat I did wrong... 
You say I have just to apply the BProc patch from the SRC rpm to the
kernel I
installed, how do I do this???, I'm very confused because when I do the 
'rpm --rebuild kernel-2.2.17-33.beo.src.rpm' thing, it answers all the
when it does 'make confing' (or at least that's why I think it's doing)
and generates
the binary rpm's, well, in few words, how do I apply the bproc patch to
the kernel
I've installed, I was thinking the compilation takes place in
but it seems to be doing so in /usr/src/redhat/BUILD/linux or something
like that.
> This should allow you to compile and build BProc for Alpha. You'll need to
> also rebuild your kernel with BProc turned on in order to use this
> feature.

I don't know how to do this, I mean, from the SRC rpm's how do I turn
the bproc

> This is one reason that people often prefer to get a distribution from
> us. See the Scyld Partners page at:
> for a list of vendors that provide Scyld preinstalled on systems.

Of course :-) I've seen that already, but the problem is that we already
bought a cluster, it came from Microway, and came with a terrible
of a beowulf, no NFS and no xntpd so the distribution of binaries is a
pain in
the ass and the nodes clocks were losing sync all the time... that's why
I decided
to change to Scyld because I've already installed it on a PC's cluster,
and it
runs beautifully, the administration is really easy and works a lot
better, I sent
an email asking for help to Microway but  no answer from them, 
I'm really sorry to bother you with questions that are suppose to come
newbies, but as a matter if fact I'm the 'expert' here and I haven't
been able
to make this Alpha cluster work, thanks a lot for any more help you
could give me.

Greetings and again thank you.

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