Fortran 90 and BeoMPI

Toon Moene toon at
Wed Mar 14 12:09:11 PST 2001

Martin Siegert wrote:


> > mpi_heat.o(.data+0x30): undefined reference to `mpi_null_delete_fn_'
> > mpi_heat.o(.data+0x34): undefined reference to `mpi_dup_fn_'

> The problem is g77 and libraries built to work with g77:
> g77 has the "unfortunate" (to put it mildly) property to append two
> underscores to a function name

Well, it doesn't *have* to.  System integrators could just as well build
the MPI libraries with g77 [other-options] -fno-second-underscore ... to
prevent this effect.

Of course, *then* they have to tell g77 users of their systems to _also_
use this option when compiling stuff that needed MPI libs.

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