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                                     Call for Papers 

                Third IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing 

                    Sutton Place Hotel, Newport Beach, California, USA 
                                      Oct. 8-11, 2001 

                   Sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society, through the 
                           Task Force on Cluster Computing (TFCC) 

   Organized by the University of Southern California, University of California
at Irvine, and California Institute of Technology 

                               Call  For Participation

                                   (1-page Call for paper in PDF)

The rapid emergence of COTS Cluster Computing as a major strategy for delivering
high performance to technical and commercial applications is driven by the
superior cost effectiveness and flexibility achievable through ensembles of PCs,
workstations, and servers. Cluster computing, such as Beowulf class, SMP
clusters, ASCI machines, and metacomputing grids, is redefining the manner in
which parallel and distributed computing is being accomplished today and is the
focus of important research in hardware, software, and application development. 

The Third IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing will be held in the
beautiful Pacific coastal city, Newport Beach in Southern California, from
October 8 to 11, 2001.  For the first time, the Cluster 2001 merges four popular
professional conferences or workshops: IWCC, PC-NOW, CCC, JPC and German  CC
into an integrated, large-scale, international forum to be held in Northern
America. The conference series was previously held in Australia (1999) and
Germany (2000). For details and updated information, visit the Cluster 2001
official web site: The conference series information can be found

We encourage submission of high quality papers reporting original work in
theoretical, experimental, and industrial research and development in the
following topics, which are not exclusive to cluster architecture, software,
protocols, and applications : 

      Hardware Technology for Clustering 
      High-speed System Interconnects 
      Light Weight Communication Protocols 
      Fast Message Passing Libraries 
      Single System Image Services 
      File Systems and Distributed RAID 
      Internet Security and Reliability 
      Cluster Job and Resource Management 
      Data Distribution and Load Balancing 
      Tools for Operating and Managing Clusters 
      Cluster Middleware, Groupware, and Infoware 
      Highly Available Cluster Solutions 
      Problem Solving Environments for Cluster 
      Scientific and E-Commerce Applications 
      Collaborative Work and Multimedia Clusters 
      Performance Evaluation and Modeling 
      Clusters of Clusters/Computational Grids 
      Software Tools for Metacomputing 
      Novel Cluster Systems Architectures 
      Network-based Distributed Computing 
      Mobile Agents and Java for Cluster Computing 
      Massively Parallel Processing 
      Software Environments for Clusters 
      Clusters for Bioinformatics 
      Innovative Cluster Applications 

Paper Submission

The review process will be based on papers not exceeding 6000 words on at most
20 pages. Deadline for Web-based electronic submission is March 19, 2001 in
Postscript (*.ps) or Adobe Acrobat v3.0 (*.pdf) format. The submitted file must
be viewable with Aladdin GhostScript 5.10 and printable on a standard PostScript
Laser printer. No constraint on the format of the submitted draft except the
length. However, double-space format is encouraged, in order to provide the
referees the convenience of marking comments and corrections on the paper copy.
The web site for the paper submission is: 


The proceedings of CLUSTER 2001 will be published by IEEE Computer Society. The
proceedings will also be made available online through the IEEE digital library
following the conference. 


Proposals are solicited for special topics and panel sessions. These proposals
must be submitted to the Program Chair: Thomas Sterling. Proposals for a
half-day or a full-day tutorial related to the conference topics are encouraged
and submit the same to tutorial chair: Ira Pramanick. For exhibitions, contact
exbition chair: Rawn Shah. 

Conference Organization

General Chairs:

          ·   Kai Hwang  (University of Southern California, USA) 
          ·   Mark Baker  (Portsmouth University, UK) 

Vice General Chairs:

          ·   Rick Stevens  (Argonne National Laboratory, USA) 
          ·   Nalini Venkatasubramanian  (University of California at Irvine,

Steering Committee:

          ·   Mark Baker    (University of Portsmouth, UK) 
          ·   Pete Beckman    (Turbolinux, Inc., USA) 
          ·   Bill Blake    (Compaq, USA) 
          ·   Rajkumar Buyya    (Monash University, Australia) 
          ·   Giovanni Chiola    (DISI - Universita di Genova, Italy) 
          ·   Jack Dongarra    (University of Tennessee and ORNL, USA) 
          ·   Geoffrey Fox    (NPAC, Syracuse, USA) 
          ·   Al Geist    (ORNL, USA) 
          ·   Kai Hwang    (University of Southern California, USA) 
          ·   Rusty Lusk    (Argonne National Laboratory, USA) 
          ·   Paul Messina    (Caltech, USA) 
          ·   Greg Pfister    (IBM, Advanced Technology & Architecture, Server
Design, USA) 
          ·   Wolfgang Rehm    (Technische Universität Chemnitz, Germany) 
          ·   Thomas Sterling    (JPL and Caltech, USA) 
          ·   Rick Stevens    (Argonne National Laboratory, USA) 
          ·   Thomas Stricker    (ETH Zürich, Switzerland) 
          ·   Barry Wilkinson    (UNCC, USA) 

Technical Program Chair: Thomas Sterling  (Caltech & NASA JPL, USA)

Deputy Program Chair: Daniel S. Katz  (NASA JPL, USA)

Vice Program Chairs:

          ·   Gordon Bell  (Microsoft Research, USA) 
          ·   Dave Culler  (University of California, Berkeley, USA) 
          ·   Jack Dongarra  (University of Tennessee, USA) 
          ·   Jim Gray  (Microsoft, USA) 
          ·   Bill Gropp  (Argonne National Laboratory, USA) 
          ·   Ken Kennedy  (Rice University, USA) 
          ·   Dan Reed  (UIUC, USA) 
          ·   Chuck Seitz  (Myricom  Inc., USA) 
          ·   Burton Smith  (Cray Inc., USA) 

Program Committee

Tutorial Chair: Ira Pramanick  (Sun Microsystems, USA)

Publications/Proceedings Co-Chairs: 

            Marcin Paprzycki  (University of Southern Mississippi, USA) 
            Rajkumar Buyya (Monash University, Australia) 

Exhibition Chair: Rawn Shah (Sun World Journal, USA) 

Publicity Chair: Hai Jin (Huazhong University of Science and Technology,

Poster Chair:  Phil Merkey (Michigan Technical University, USA)

Conference Venue: 
             Sutton Place Hotel 
             4500 MacArthur Blvd. 
             Newport Beach, California, 92660 
             Tel:  949-476-2001 
             Fax:  949-250-7191
Important Deadlines: 
           Paper Submission                     March 19, 2001 (Extended)
           Notification of Acceptance           June 18, 2001
           Camera Ready Papers                  July 9, 2001
           Early Registration                   August 31, 2001
           Tutorial/Exhibition/Panel Proposals  June 11, 2001

Cluster2001 is in cooperation  with the IEEE TC on Distributed Processing, IEEE
TC on Parallel Processing, ACM SIG on Computer Architecture, Univ. of 
Portmouth, UK, Univ. of California, Berkeley, Rice Univ., Univ. of Illinois,
Urbana-Champaaign, Univ. of Tennessee, Monash Univ., Australia,Technical
University of Chemnitz, Germany,  Huazhong University of Science and Technology,
China, Argonne National Lab., NASA Jet Propulsion Lab., National Center for
High-Performance Computing, Taiwan, Sun Microsystems, Cray, Compaq, IBM,
Microsoft, and Myricom, etc. 

          Daniel S. Katz                Daniel.S.Katz at
    Jet Propulsion Laboratory               or d.katz at
California Institute of Technology        (818) 354-7359 (voice)
        Mail Stop 168-522                  (818) 393-3134 (fax)
       4800 Oak Grove Drive
     Pasadena, CA  91109-8099

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